Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Thug Speaks

At last night's state of the city address. To an "invitation-only" audience. Says USA today:

Near the end of his speech, Kilpatrick brought the invitation-only crowd of appointees, city employees and allies to a fervor when he chastised City Council President Ken Cockrel Jr. by name for declining to sit on the stage, where council members usually sit. And then he decried the criticism against him.

This morning, on Paul W Smith's show, Sam Riddle said "They were clapping for their jobs" .Heh.

And finally tonight, and this may be the most talked about part of this speech after laying out all of that, but I feel that I cannot leave this auditorium with my wife and my son sitting there without addressing this issue.

In the past 30 days I've been called a nigger more than any time in my entire life.

In the past three days I've received more death threats than I have in my entire administration.

I've heard these words, but I've never heard people say them about my wife and children.

I have to say this, because it's very personal to me.

I don't believe that a Nielsen rating is worth the life of my children or your children. This unethical, illegal lynch mob mentality has to stop.

And it's seriously time.

We've never been here before -- and I don't care if they cut the TV off -- we've never been in a situation like this before, where you can say anything, do anything, have no facts, no research, no nothing, and you can launch a hate-driven bigoted assault on a family.

I humbly ask members of council, I humbly ask the business community, I humbly ask the religious community, I humbly ask the brothers and sisters of the City of Detroit, I humbly ask that we say no more together.

I humbly ask that we say no more together.

I highlighted the most outrageous parts. He wants us to stop talking about "it" because there is no proof. Uhm ... except for all that proof they have, Mr. Mayor. You know, the text messages?

You've used this city as your personal bank account, your fiefdom. You've used OUR money and your power to hid your adulterous behavior. WE didn't bring your wife and children into this mess, YOU DID. YOUR behavior. Take some responsibility.

Follow Spitzer's example.