Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AI wrap-up

Ok, was I the ONLY one who felt REALLY old listening to songs from the year the contestant was born?

Ramiele Malubay - this might be your night, my dear, if you knowwhatImeanandIthinkthatyoudo. 1987? First year of college. Sigh.

Jason Castro - shite, not even a Police song, but a tune from Sting's solo years. Crap, I'm old. Jason needs to step it up a bit.

Syesha Mercado - Am I the only one who doesn't like her? I thought the song was a bit beyond her ability.

Chikezie - 1985 - well, at least I was still in High School, so he gets bonus points for that. I thought the last note was wonderful - I really like his low register. But, overall - middle-of-the group.

Brook White - Ok, I actually liked her this week.

Michael Johns - Yea, now we're getting w/in ten years of me, so I'm really liking this guy. 1978 - I was still in grade school, so he gets two thumbs WAY UP from me. Oh, his singing was good too.

Carly Smithson - oy, I didn't care for this song when it came out. Carly has a tendency to ... remind me of the multitudes of boring power singers. She did it again tonight.

David Archuleta - born the year I graduated from college. And sang a song I've never heard before. He sang it ok, but it sounded rushed. Of course, who knows for sure, since I"ve never heard it before, right?

Kristy Lee Cook - If she stays this week, it will be 100% the result of song choice.

David Cook - Oh, he was just amazing. Very entertaining take on the song, and his vocal were amazing. I watched it twice.

Who's going? I'm guessing Ramen Noodle. But, I was wrong last week, so what do I know?