Wednesday, March 05, 2008

AI wrap-up

Years ago, Michelle at "A Small Victory" used to do American Idol commentary. Apparently she's outgrown such things, but I haven't.

So, here goes.

Luke Menard: "Wake Me Up" - oh lord. The only time I enjoyed that song was during "Zoolander" and last night's performance by Luke continued that trend, who matched the sucky song with weak vocals.

David Archuleta: Good, as always. I like his voice, but the problem I have with him, as I've had with past winners, is that they will probably never, ever, sing anything I'm terribly interested in buying. Kinda that adult-contemporary stuff. Yawn.

David Cook: AWESOME. I've thought he was weak the past few weeks, but what he did to "Hello" was masterful. He's the opposite of David ARchuleta. Not as good a voice, but the possibility that he's become a performer I find interesting is much greater.

Jason Castro: Took on Jeff Buckley (that's the version everyone knows) and did a great job. He's on my shortlist.

Danny Noriega: Oh my lord, I just can't take this queen. Why is it that a gay guy can act like a bitchy female and everyone finds it so entertaining? If some bleach-blond were acting like Danny, everyone would be drawing a target on her back. Anyway, if I could get beyond his female appearance, and campy performance (which I honestly can't) I'd have to say that vocally he's not as good as a majority of the other singers.

David Hernandez: Up until now I've found him kinda boring, but he did a really good job last night. Great vocals.

Chikezie: Ok singer. I think last night's song was a bit too much for him. When he hit the notes, he was good, but too often the song appeared to be too much for him.

I'm guessing, Chikezie and Luke will be gone. Or Danny. Danny will get the gay vote, and Chikeze may get the black vote. So if one goes, and the other stays, I guess one will always be able to claim the most oppressed status.

I'm not the only one bothered by Danny.