Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama's Preacher II/Updated

So, Obama denounced his preacher last friday claiming he had NO IDEA that Wright said such appalling things.

Yea, right.

Anyway, Obama's didn't delve further into exactly what Wright said that he disagrees with because he CAN'T. Why can't he? Because, my friends, I'm afraid there may be a substantial population that supports and believes what Wright said:

Absolutely, what Obammas Pastor said is the truth, and its getting too much airtime, its the Pastors thoughts, and the fact of the matter is that wat the Pastor said is absolutely true, just that ppl wont admit it, I also feel Obamma made a mistake to Allienate the PAstor like that.

How many similar comments can be found across the internet? More:

“If you’re black, it’s hard to say what you truly think and not upset white people,” the New York Times quoted James Cone as saying. Cone is a professor at Union Theological Seminary and the father of what is known as black liberation theology.

But Juan Williams, a Fox News commentator and author of “Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America,” tells Newsmax that Wright’s sermons reflect “the victim mindset that is so self-defeating in the black community and one that is played on by weak black leadership that chooses to have black people identified as victims rather than inspiring them as people who have overcome. In posing as victims, they say the most prejudiced and vicious things, not only about whites but about America. They call it theology. In fact, it’s nothing but bigotry.”

In failing to condemn Wright himself and claiming that he was unaware of the preacher’s hate-filled speech, Obama is continuing a longstanding pattern.

So, can Obama man-up and address, specifically, the BS Wright preached? Go ahead, Obama, call BS on the lie that white Americans invented AIDS to kill blacks. Call BS that it's a government plot to lock up black men in prison instead of sending them to college.

Taranto writes in a similar vein:

At this point, though, "distancing" himself plainly is not enough. Obama needs to renounce Wright and his noxious beliefs forcefully and specifically, even if he personally is blasé about them.

But this brings us to the second possible reason he hasn't done so: that it may entail a political cost as well. After all, it's not as if the malevolent minister is preaching to empty pews. There is a segment of the black community that embraces Wright-style bigotry, shown anecdotally in this quote from the ABC News story:

"I wouldn't call it radical. I call it being black in America," said one congregation member outside the church last Sunday.
We would like to think this point of view is not terribly common. But Wright's congregation has 8,000 members, the biggest in its denomination, according to the Religion News Service. Possibly Obama has reason to fear losing crucial black support if he expressly repudiates Wright and what he stands for.

One of the Obama campaign's chief selling points has been the promise of "unity" and of rising above racial division. But how can you you unify the nation while countenancing hatred of it? And how can racial division be overcome when those who preach hatred are able to find such a large audience?

H/t: Dan over at PW