Friday, March 28, 2008

Global Warming ... all over my yard

As my son so sadly said ... "Mom, Spring is never gonna come."

Doesn't seem so.

But, according to Al Gore, us skeptics are akin to flat-earthers. Via Hot Air.

Flat-earth not-with-standing, I present to you my NEW GOURMET BIRD STATION:

(click for larger)

Note the lack of birds. It wasn't simply that I was out on the porch taking a picture. A single bird hasn't yet visited my NEW GOURMET BIRD STATION. Stupid birds prefer to forage here:

So my NEW GOURMET BIRD STATION has been out there a week, and still no bird. We could make this a guessing game as to when the first bird visits.

Which do you think comes first, Spring or a bird?