Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol, Beatles wrap-up

The Beatles? WTF? Who was the genius that came up with this theme after last week's? Honestly.

The weirdness of the choice is only overdone by the fact that it appeared that the majority of these kids were totally unfamiliar with the songs they were singing. I understand we're talking music from 40 years ago ... but still. Doesn't seem right.

Ok, quick recap, and my predictions:

Amanda Overmyer- "Back in the USSR" - I liked it. She's entertaining to watch, and appears to be more comfortable as the weeks pass.

Brooke White- "Here Comes the Sun" - oye. Couldn't end quick enough.

Syesha Mercado - "Yesterday" ... I dunno, no one can sing it like Paul.

David Cook- "Daytripper" - he's good, but his songs are beginning to all sound the same.

Carly Smithson - "Blackbird"- nice. That's all I have to say about that.

Chikezie- "I've just Seen a Face" - One of the best of the night, no matter what Simon said.

Kristy Cook - "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - honestly, did they even let her LISTEN to the song before she sang it? Bye bye Kristy.

Ramiele Malubay- "I Should have Known Better"- She may be the best singer who can't perform on the show. I don't know if she always picks the worst songs, or if she just has an instrument (her voice) with no idea how to use it. But, honestly, why would anyone pick that song?

Michael Johns - "A Day in the Life" - oye. I like him, and he did OK, but this song should never, ever, ever be compressed into a minute and forty seconds. Just don't do it.

Jason Castro- "Michelle" - not his best.

David Archuleta - "The Long and Winding Road" - You know, he's a sweet kid, but I really liked this review from the Village Voice:

And can I just call bullshit once again on anointed one David Archuleta? The only thing worse than seeing this little freak sleepwalk his way through another yawning adult-contempo ballad is seeing the judges all lose their shit for it. All will not be right with the world until he self-destructs.

He's good, he's got a great voice, but it's as if one were being present during the creation of a Celine Dion. You know, if you could have only done something to stop it ...

Bottom three? Kristy, Ramiele and ... I don't know. I think Kristy will be gone.