Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AI wrap-up

Quick recap, because I'm busy, and this time change has really messed up my internal clock, and I feel like the White Rabbit (I'm late, I'm late) so little editing, but I think I've captured my feelings. I didn't list them, in the groupings, in any particular order.


Chikezie: Awesome. What he did with "She's a Woman" was interesting and entertaining, and his vocals were on spot as well. I think he was the best of the night.

Carly Smithson: Outstanding as well with "Come Together", but she loses points because she, as she said, performed this song every week where she used to work. Also, I wonder if she has any other moods in her voice besides "Full-tilt" belt it out?

Amanda Overmyer: I thought Simon was wrong - this week was better, and more authentic, than last week's, which I found a tad forced. "You Can't Do That" fit her voice perfectly.

Michael Johns: I did NOT find his version of Across the Universe boring, as some of the judges did. It is a simple song that require thoughtful, honest vocals, which I thought he brought.

David Cook: Another GREAT performance. Eleanor Rigby as modern rock. Loved it.


Jason Castro: Sang If I Fell, and was alright. Not as good as last week. It would be nice to see a bit more energy.

Brooke White: Let it Be- it was good and all, but personally I'm not that excited by her. I guess my problem is she just seems to be such a conglomeration of past female singer/songwriters types (and she's using THEIR material) that I don't really see what she brings to the table.

Ramiele Malubay: I love her voice, and really want her to perform something interesting. But she didn't . Boring version of In My Life.

Bottom of the barrel:

Syesha Mercado: She hasn't wowed me yet. If it weren't for her short-shorts and pretty face, I don't think she'd be here at this point. Her version of Got to Get You Into My Life was uninspired and boring. I fast-forwarded.

David Hernandez: No no no! I Saw Her Standing There in gay-camp style. Oye.

David Archuleta: Forgot the lyrics? To We Can Work it Out? Oh lord.

Kristy Lee Cook: I thought it was just me, at first, because I don't like Country. But, nope, I was right, her country-version of Eight Days a Week was really, really irritating. And, honey, don't protest that "you really liked it", because you're just revealing to everyone that perhaps you have no ear for good music.