Friday, March 21, 2008

I Frakking hate Microsoft

Being a member of the Cult of Mac, I thought I could have lived a Microsoft-free life. But, then along came the X-Box.

First it was the Rings of Death. Microsoft fixed that for free. But, now we have a new failure -Error code 74. It's a hardware problem. BUT, for $99 Microsoft will fix it. OY BOY. About a week and a half ago, I gave them my Amex number, and they promised that UPS would arrive at my door with a pre-paid box.

A week past, and no box. FORTY-FIVE minutes of my life were wasted on 1800-4MY-Xbox, for them to tell me that they gave UPS the box, but UPS never registered it. The tracking numbers never become valid. They said "have patience" and give it a few more days. Well, I gave it three more days, and the tracking number are still invalid.

Not wanting to waste another 45 minutes of my life on the phone, I tried to get into the email support system. Well, of course, you can't just EMAIL microsoft. They are too important or some such nonsense to take email from just any old XBox owner. No, first you had to register for an XBox live account. Then you had to register AGAIN for something else. AND THEN, I needed to register, because the XBox life account is for a minor ... when they asked for my credit card number - SO I COULD FUCKING EMAIL THEM A QUESTION ABOUT A SERVICE I ALREADY FUCKING PAID FOR- ... well, let's just say I lost it.

Regardless, I'm taking a few deep breaths ... perhaps I'll do my yoga, and then I'm calling Amex. I'm gonna sick them on Bill Gates.