Monday, March 03, 2008

The problem with McCain

As spelled out by Time Magazine's letters to the editor:

Radio mouth Rush Limbaugh blasted Senator John McCain for "getting things done by sitting down with Democrats". Is it any wonder that our political environment is so divisive and partisan? I won't vote for McCain, but if there is one thing I like about him, it is that he can put partisanship aside and team up with Democrats to get something done ....

I'm glad this Democrat likes McCain, but does it really matter since he's not going to vote for him? Another reader:

Michael Kinsley suggested that the Republicans will nominate a presidential candidate admired more by the opposition than by our GOP. I am a Democrat and I greatly admire the courage and mettle that McCain exhibited as a soldier in captivity. But admiring a man for who he is and admiring a man for his policies are two different things.

So, I take it that's another no vote? But perhaps this next guy is gonna reward us for nominating a man the Democrats like?

KInsley is so right. After all the chicken hawks we've had in the current Administration, how dare those dastardly Republicans nominate a man who did not avoid fighting in his generation' war and wound up serving time in a POW camp? Knowing first-hand that war is indeed hell, McCain would probably not deploy troops until he has explored all other options. No wonder the right-wing nuts are incensed. Why, I might vote Republican myself for the first time in 32 years. Those Republicans are so devious.

I'm not gonna count on that last writer's vote.

I'm just tickled that the liberals claim to like our nominee, but fail to see why it matters. Do they care whether or not we like Obama or Clinton? Because, you know, we don't. Are they going to cross over and vote for McCain? No. The media drove much of McCains surge in the primary, because they liked him, or because they knew the conservatives didn't. He's a weak candidate, and the only option he has for winning is for the Democrats to screw-up their nomination.

Which, isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility.