Thursday, March 27, 2008

The "Help a brother out" fund

It's not up and running at the moment, but hopefully the site will be up again soon so *ya'll can donate (as I'm sure your burning to do) to Kwame's defense fund.

Check and see if you can find teh irony:

"The Detroit Justice Fund is being formed to assure that the mayor receives the fair hearing in court to which all Americans are entitled."
Garrett wouldn't speculate on the cost of a defense, but Webb's law firm, Winston & Strawn, reportedly spent $10 million to $20 million volunteering its services for former Illinois Gov. George Ryan in a recent federal corruption case, according to the Chicago Tribune. He is in prison.
Webb charges about $750 an hour, said his mentor, Judge William J. Bauer of the 7th U.S. District Court of Appeals in Chicago. Webb is considered one of the nation's top white-collar defense attorneys and has defended corporations such as General Electric, Microsoft and Philip Morris USA.
"He may bill more. (Kilpatrick) is hiring the best," Bauer said.

You know, I've got a great idea Detroiters. When a person SEEMS to lack the moral character to be in an elected position of power, and you have the OPPORTUNITY to get rid of him by simply voting for the other guy ... why fall for his BS? Before the last election, there were already issues involving Kwame, but he looked into the camera, and apologized and said all that nice foregivey stuff. And you believed him. You all put "He's out boy" signs on your front lawn, and voting him back in office, and now Detroit is the laughing stock of the country.

All this - it's not really Kwame's fault - because he is what he is. He acted, while in office, as was his nature. Before he was the mayor, he didn't have the power to totally fuck-up the city. This mess - this humiliation - is the fault of all you nimrods who voted him BACK into office. It is YOUR fault.

*By "Ya'll" I mean everyone who voted for him the second time. I didn't vote for him EITHER time.