Thursday, March 06, 2008

Girl's Night

Asiah'h Epperson - Honestly, what is with that name? Can someone 'splain? Asia'h (that just hurts to type) did a good job, but I think I -personally-have heard enough Whitney on American Idol. Can we just ban it?

Kady Malloy - It took me a few minutes to recognize this Queen tune: "Who wants to live Forever." As a general rule, no one, but Freddy Mercury, can sing Queen. Learn it. Live it. Freddy's voice, like Whitney's, gave the seminal performance of whatever song he/she was singing. Anything that comes after is just gonna pale in comparison.

Kristy Lee Cook - My son thinks she's HOT, but that ain't gonna work with me, Missy. She tried to fill Steve Perry's shoes but with a country twang. It was ok.

Brooke White - Brook's Pat Benetar was ok. Was it just me or did she seem to have trouble with the timing, or the speed or something. Seemed a tad off.

Carly Smithson- Can't get away from the fact that I HATE CELINE DION. With a burning passion. She sang the song well, I guess.

Danny Noreiga - Looked really pretty tonight. Two snaps for that. Can't remember what he sang.

Amanda Overmyer - Ok, I liked this chick in the beginning. But, ever since the season started, she seems ... I dunno ... embarrassed to be on the stage. With her inability to reply to the comments by the judges, for example. And, when she sings, she seems to be uncomfortable in her own skin. Too jaded? Too cool? LOOK MISSY, you tried out for the show. I'm sorry if it's too ... white bread or something for someone as cool as yourself, but didn't you know the deal before you went in?

Ramiele Maluby - I think she has the best voice of the gals. I hope she can pull herself together and find a proper footing before she gets booted.

Syesha Mercado - don't like her. Don't need a reason, do I? I thought her song last night was horrible. The judges didn't have much to say, did they?

I have no idea who is gonna get the boot. But, since I'm a betting gal, I'll guess Kady and Amanda. Perhaps Danny.