Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why we'll be worse off than Europe

American leftists screw it up:

Well, America is now more like Europe when it comes to unemployment. But not when it comes to social benefits and protections. The American Left knows how to import Europe’s failures, but not its successes.

The massive health-care bill passed by the House on Saturday is a classic example. It would expand health care coverage somewhat, but not to European levels, and it would vastly increase the costs of our health care system, rather than reducing it to European levels. It would also increase taxes to “European levels of taxation.” The health care bill contains politically-correct provisions that Europeans would never put up with, like pork for trial lawyers and racial preferences. And restrictions on national competition in health insurance, which do not exist in Europe.

In France, doctors don’t need to be paid as much, because competing professions, like lawyers, are paid less. French law is much more conservative than American law when it comes to lawsuits, including lawsuits against doctors. There are NO punitive damages, and France discourages lawsuits by making unsuccessful plaintiffs pay the other side’s legal bills. (Other European countries have specialized health courts, rather than American-style jury trials, to cut lawyers’ bills, speedily compensate the injured, and prevent American-style baseless lawsuits against doctors.) There are no racial preferences — even my Marxist father-in-law, a French trade unionist who likes Michael Moore’s book Stupid White Men, thinks that racial preferences are evil. French people do not let political correctness shackle their minds the way American leftists do.
Europe is not as far to the left of America as people think, and America’s business climate is already not much more favorable than Europe’s. For every three ways in which Europe is more socialistic than America, there are two ways in which it is less socialistic than America. The Obama administration is getting rid of our advantages, but not our disadvantages.

American tort law and family law are much more burdensome, anti-business, and bent on redistribution of wealth, than Europe’s

But, you know, let's rush the vote so Obama can brag about all he got done in his first year. Stuff he got done, you will note, without harming his lawyer friends.