Monday, November 09, 2009

VDH du jour

Us v Them:

First, of course, “they” are the rich in perpetual war against the poor. “They” made out like bandits under Bush, so “they” should have their federal income taxes raised to make “them” “pay their fair share” in “patriotic” fashion. Forget that currently about 5 percent of taxpayers shoulders nearly half the federal income-tax burden. It matters little that a greater percentage of households (well over 40 percent) now pays no federal income tax whatsoever.

Quick note, 'cause I hate disrupt Mr VDH, but if you don't pay any federal income tax, you are ALREADY leeching off of the rest of society. Federal parks? Thank me for supporting them. Military? Me again. Everything that comes from the top down (to you), directly or indirectly, is thanks to someone else.

So, fuck off with the rich v poor bullshit. Fuck off with income disparity bullshit. You ALREADY benefit for living in the US and having "the rich" ( and the middle class) carry your ass.

n the Obamist reading, the record federal deficits are not due to waste and fraud. Nor are unnecessary government spending and excessive entitlements the culprits. A bankrupt Medicare and soon-to-be-bankrupt Social Security, congressional pork-barrel projects, and interest due on past profligate spending did not cause our budget crisis. Instead, the red ink is almost entirely due to a shortage of revenue, and brought on by the greedy who have the capacity, but not the caring, to fork over more.

I'm gonna remember Mr. Obama (and Jenny Granholm's) trick next time I can't pay my bills. It isn't that I overspent. I had a shortage of revenue. It's GENIUS.

“They” should be targeted as well by the states, many of which have rightly raised their tax rates — in California, to over 10 percent. “They” are easily able to pay a new health-care surcharge, the greedy few lending a helping hand to the virtuous many. “They” surely have enough to pay the full 15.3 percent FICA tax on most of their income over the current $106,000 cap. Add it up, and soon state, federal, FICA, property, and sales taxes will reach 60 to 70 percent of “their” incomes.

Let that marinate for a bit. Sixty to seventy percent. Thirty cents on a dollar. But, Obama isn't a socialist who is in favor or redistribution. That's just right-wing kookie talk.

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