Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random surfing (sorta)

And I came upon this screed:

I was a normal size until my late 20s, and still hated my body and started dieting when I was 12 and a size 5. And when I was a 9/10 during my early 20s, I thought I was HUGE and disgusting and “Oh my God, how can you even LOOK at me?” gross. And when in the fuck is that going to CHANGE? When are we women going to stop treating NORMAL like it’s DISGUSTING? I’m not advocating for “fat acceptance,” that’s not my scene, and I don’t love being a size 20.

But Jesus fuck, this shit has to STOP. It’s sick and it’s a wrong way to go through your life. We women need to think more like men, or even better: like the Bush administration. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, EVERYTHING’S GREAT AND RIGHT AND TRUE! DON’T MIND THAT GIANT TURD SCHMEAR WE LEFT ON THE CONSTITUTION, THIS IS THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!

It's interesting* that even a rant about weight somehow all comes back to DAMN THAT BUUUSHHSSHSH1111!!!!

By "interesting" I mean pathetic.