Thursday, November 05, 2009

What's the rush?

House vote on Saturday?

What's the rush for a program that won't even go into effect until 2013? Of course, taxes would start right away. How come no one's wondering about THAT? That our government is going to be collecting taxes on this boondoggle for three years before they are able to start the program.

I got an idea, next time you buy a car, I want you to make payments on it for THREE years before you go and take ownership. See how that sits with folks.

But, even more hilarious is that amendments to force our politicians to abide by these same new rules have been shot down EVERY time. I'm glad to see Republicans haven't given up on this:

Republican Reps. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, Wally Herger of California, Phil Gingrey of Georgia and John Fleming and Steve Scalise, both of Louisiana, announced their intention Wednesday to bring the amendment, which failed in committee, to the floor when the health care reform bill surfaces.

“If Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic counterparts truly believe that their government insurance option is the best way forward for health care in the United States, then they should be fully supportive of amending the bill to ensure that every single Member of Congress – both in the House and Senate – is enrolled in it," Gingrey said.

But alas? The amendment has no shot of passing since Democrats said yesterday that they won't accept any amendments to the reform bill.

Still, just by offering it, Republicans intend to score political points by arguing that Democrats are taking the do as I say, not as I do approach to reform.

Update: House Speaker's Pelosi's office responds to the amendment saying it "would run counter to the central promise of health insurance reform that all Americans have their choice of affordable quality plans."

Yea, well fuck you Pelosi. With a swordfish. That doesn't even make sense. Batty dingbat has had too many botox injections.


Perhaps this is why Nancy's rushing the vote. The trending isn't really working in their favor. And it's prolly only going to get worse.