Thursday, November 19, 2009

People are funny

Now you can own an Authentic imitation Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible!

The reviews are in ....

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Awesome history in my awesome hands, November 18, 2009
By William Sullivan "Im in ur Amazon, reviewin'"
I bought the other version of the bible which was actually held by the Baby Jesus, but it doesn't radiate awesome as much as this version. I bought this in a fit of patriotism and joy at no longer being racist a year ago. I sat it on a bookshelf but, even a year later, it hasn't gathered any dust. Not long after, my father caught cancer from a tea party protest. I had him touch this bible and he was instantly cured. I touched it and won the lottery. I'd have to say this is the best bible I have ever bought. In fact, I don't even need my viagra anymore. A+++ would elect again.

And another:

Nice additon to collection., November 19, 2009
By Erik Ruhling "negentropy" - See all my reviews

I find it complements the awesomeness of my replica Carter/Obama Nobel Peace Prize. I hear there are plans for a Milli Vanilli/Obama replica Grammy to be offered in the future. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm also hoping beyond hope that I can add a replica Gore/Obama Academy Award to the collection in the next few years. Don't let me down Academy!