Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Recovery Continues Apace

A girl I know got laid off on Monday. My kids take music lessons from a local joint which, since Obama has taken office, has gotten in increasingly dire financial straights. Last January/Feb they laid off one of their most popular teachers because she was also a manager and thus was paid more.

So, on Monday, they laid off yet another person. Once again, because she was the highest paid employee. Hourly rate, I doubt she made much more than minimum.

Music lessons, and the accompanying accoutrements, are how people spend their disposable income. If they have no "disposable" (or any) income, all that shit goes away. So, people who get paid "too much" and all Obama's bullshit spreading the wealth around socialism means that only the very rich (not the middle class, not the lower middle class) will be able to enjoy such things.

You see, shit rolls downhill.