Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why those Islamists better keep women under those Burkas

Sgt Kim Munley. Kicking jihadi ass. I hope peps are letting Hasan know, now that he's awake, who capped him.

So, let's review. Pussy jihadi Mulsim attacks unarmed , innocent Americans, but is brought down by a woman.

Suck it!

Important Update:

Nice Deb on the other officer who brought down the pussy jihaid muslim, Sgt Mark Todd.

Another kuffir who rocks. Once the pussy jihadi Muslim had to face someone who was armed, he only lasted about 30-45 seconds. Allah's not gonna be happy about that.

Update again
The art of framing a snapshot, the art of framing a President. No telepromters here, nope! .

Yet again:

If Obama wants to play the role of our nation's healer, he can start by not calling us teabaggers.

Yet again, again:

Via RSM, Dan Riele notes this obagasm of Marc Ambinder:

Today, at Ft. Hood. I guarantee: they'll be teaching this one in rhetoric classes. It was that good. My gloss won't do it justice. Yes, I'm having a Chris Matthews-chill-running-up-my-leg moment, but sometimes, the man, the moment and the words come together and meet the challenge.

Yea! Obama gave a speech! Isn't he the dreamiest?