Friday, November 13, 2009

Late Night Conversations at the Hostages

Last night, BiW had this to say:

[W]e each have a choice to make, because if it hasn’t yet become clear to you yet, you should know that the government, those tasked to rule within the confines of the law set forth in the Constitution, is now largely a mix of coniving schemers who will ignore it when they can no longer twist it to meet their ends, and ignoramuses, who have no idea what it says and cannot contemplate a limitation on their ultimate aims and powers, both intent on centralizing their power without regard to the cost or the damage they leave in their wake.

Part of the reason that we find ourselves in the predicament we’re in today is because the schemers deftly distracted us, and because we ourselves comforted ourselves with the idea that someone was going to “take care of it”, and nothing would be expected of us…we who understood what was going on, and quietly abdicated our duty to become involved and take our turn preserving and defending the republic not just against its enemies, but from a creeping lack of character that allowed such craven calculation to run its course, and make corruption commonplace.

Bingo. Discuss.


At issue, for those of denser make-up, is the centralization of power in Washington, and the infringement on individual and State's rights. This experiment has been tried again and again, and can be viewed, in real time to the South of us where the smartest man in the world has decided he can run his country better than those awful capitalists.