Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prove It, by staring at a giant orb ...

The Science Museum in London has a new climate change exhibit that aims to "prove" global warming climate change. Visitors are supposed to view the "evidence" and then "vote" whether they're in or out. Just ... bizarre.

"Prove It!” is not an exhibition at all. There are no exhibits, nothing in glass jars, no machines to look and wonder at. Nor is there any real scientific information: no graphs, pie charts, or papers to read and reflect on. Instead there is a seating area with a huge Sun-like object in the middle, a bright disc suspended from the ceiling by orange wires. And this Sun-like object flashes up various slogans, such as “The glaciers are melting,” and also “Climate Change” where the word “change” morphs into “Change the way we live.”

That we are expected to sit and stare at this “Sun,” to be passive recipients of some higher wisdom from a disc hovering above our heads, speaks volumes about how environmentalists view both “science” and ordinary people’s intellectual capabilities. For them, scientific fact is a kind of divine revelation, an unquestionable truth, which must be delivered from on high to us little people in order to wake us from our consumerist-induced stupor and make us rethink our destructive habits. In treating science as both Gospel and political weapon, the green-leaning organizers of this exhibition have committed an act of double violence against scientific truth and integrity.

Indeed, the “Prove It!” exhibition unwittingly, yet brilliantly, illustrates why climate-change alarmism has no place in the world of real science, an arena that ought to be marked by open-mindedness, truth-seeking, and intellectual seriousness. Where most of the Science Museum engages visitors through intelligent exhibitions, explaining in measured terms how things were discovered or how breakthroughs were made, the “Prove It!” exhibition screams slogans in our faces from an overhead projector. Where many of the rooms in the Science Museum take us through the various leaps forward that led to modern technology and medicine, the “Prove It!” exhibition contains no climate science at all (presumably it’s too complicated for us idiots), only ready-made, life-altering slogans.

Add to this that those shouting the slogans are jetting around the world to have their global warming conferences in Bali, living in glass houses, stand to profit from environmental legislation, and are hiding and manipulating data .

Of course, you don't need to go to London to vote yourself in or out. The tally stands, this morning, at 5241 "in" and 7711 "out."

These embarrassing figures are an improvement on the earliest voting tallies. On October 24, two days after the exhibition opened, only 415 had counted themselves in and 2,385 had counted themselves out. As of the first of November, 1,006 people were in, and 6,110 were out. Following much handwringing by green commentators (one said the poll results showed that “climate change denial is spreading like a contagious disease”), green bloggers told their readers to go and vote In.

Nothing screams "science" like a good internet vote.