Friday, July 06, 2007

Yes, but ..../Updated with Theme Song

Sure, Al Gore III was speeding (cough cough - I mean, he was going 100 mph - is that still simply speeding?) while in possession of marijuana, Xanax, Valium, and Vicodin but ...

"Al Gore's son is just like everyone else's," said Dr. Donald Misch, director of health services at Northewestern University in Evanston. "The only thing missing was the No.1 abused drug, which is alcohol."

HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING YOUR OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS AREN'T DOING AS WELL! Matter of fact, your kids are worse, since they've probably been drinking alcohol to boot. That practically makes Al Gore III a model for our young people.

Personally, I was amazed that he could get a Prius to go that fast. I know the Masaerati, which his sister picked him up with, goes that fast. I wonder what kind of milage that gets?

Not so good.

Hypocrites. I wonder if Al Gore's daughter is going to drive it to the Green Concert this weekend?

QOTSA have a great theme song for Jr (not totally SFW):