Monday, July 16, 2007

Travel Log/ updated with LOON call

Well, I'm back. Where did I go? So glad you asked, we went to Clear Lake State Park. I brought back a few pictures.
This first picture isn't of the park, it's actually Ocqueoc Falls, which was about a half-an-hour away.

A really cool camper in the park with us.

A picture of the lake - Clear Lake that is. I was trying to get a picture of the loons, and took out our rowboat to get closer. As you can see, I couldn't get very close. You probably can't even make out the two little dots in the photo.

Matty, doing his imitation of a loon taking flight:

Our tired kitty, Iggie, upon our return. He was apparently really busy while we were gone, since there was a BIRD in our house. The thing must have pooped everywhere. There are huge piles of bird shit every where. Disgusting.


If I were cool, I would have taken this video. But I didn't.

This video is of the night call: