Monday, July 02, 2007


Wickedpinto points to this article at Pandagon and wonders if it is satire:

Does anyone know of a good house/apartment rental resource that allows one to search for housing opportunities by elementary school?

When someone brings up the issue of Supreme Court decisions, and neighborhood schools, the author responds:

Call me crazy (or, as is perfectly possible, underinformed), but the recent court decision, as bad as it (quite obviously) was, doesn’t have anything to do with the drawing of school boundaries - in fact Justice Kennedy specifically said that school boundaries was an acceptable method of ensuring school diversity.

We’re not looking to transfer - the (limit on which is the) particular remedy invalidated by the Supreme Assholes - we’re looking to move into a new neighborhood, one which happens to be much more ethnically diverse than the one we live in now.

Just saying.

To which, someone asks:

huh. Most people who are willing to move to get their kid into a particular school do so as an exercise of privilege. which I assumed was your motive until I saw your comment about “more “diversity”". So now I’m puzzling over, does such a move for different reasons have the same implications? that is, if it’s messed up to do to get your kid into a “BETTER” school, which almosy always means more white, more economic privileges, is it ok to do for different reasons? And what will you do if the schools you find that are more “diverse” (a term which is meaningless without context) turns out to be problematic in other ways? Interesting.

See, now I think this is fun. For the most part, liberals are against "school choice." That is, for other people. They are perfectly happy moving to better school districts, or paying for private or religious schools. But, for those who can't afford such a choice, to abandon the public school system they've been assigned to is tantamount to sacrilege. Moving to a different school district is EXACTLY the same thing as those parents who advocate school choice, except without with moving boxes and a new address.

Regardless, I find it amusing that the author claims he/she is moving to a more "diverse" neighborhood. Diverse or not, I doubt they are moving to a problematic neighborhood, where schools of choice are an important issue.

Anyway, I doubt that it is parody.