Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bird in the basement: Day Three

The bird is STILL in my basement. My kids have taken to feeding it. They have only half-heartedly attempted to catch it, because (you see) the bird has a broken wing and certainly won't survive outside. But, here in our house (with two cats) we'll just keep feeding it, and it will be fine.

I think this course of action needs a bit more thought.

Anyway, the bird is looking at me right now from across the room. Occasionally, it hops across the floor with it's one wing crazily askew and I feel like I'm in some bizarre art-school film.

I'm thinking, though, of building some sort of ramp to the casement window. It can hop up about a foot.

Well, that's my plan, anyway. It's no wackier than the just-keep-feeding-it plan.