Thursday, July 05, 2007

Farmer ain't got jack

Farmer Jack is abandoning Detroit, and when it does, the city limits will be devoid of any national grocery store chains. Sure, there are smaller, independent grocers, but there are not exactly the kind of place you or I would go. Well, actually, I "have" gone, when desperate, but between the shaky security and limited options (and questionable freshness issues), I'd just rather drive elsewhere.

So, is it racism that has driven the national grocers (and the "big box" stores) from D-town? Umn, not really. More like the crime rate. It's a three-headed monster, actually. Theft by shoplifters, theft by employees, and the lack of security customers feel coming and going (and shopping) is the trifecta of failure.

But, you know, let's keeping talking about racism as the root of all social ills in society.

Because, I'm sure the black neighbor child from down the street called my daughter a "white bitch" because of the passed down oppression of slavery.