Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think I'm scared of people

Rachel Lucus takes to task people she calls "COA's: Clusterfuck-Causing Oblivious Assholes." These are people who block-up the isles in stores. Yes, those people can be annoying. But then she focuses her aim at those who are inconsiderate enough to pay with a check instead of a debit card.
Seriously. What the hell? First of all, it's called a DEBIT CARD. Look into it.

Second, for the love of all that is made of atoms in the universe, if you must pretend this is 1985, AT LEAST FILL OUT YOUR FREAKING CHECK WHILE THE CASHIER DOES HER THING, INSTEAD OF STANDING THERE WITH YOUR THUMB IN YOUR BUTT.

See, now I'm beginning to think that these complainers are crazy. Like they are wound a bit too tight.

And then a commenter adds this:

Oh wait... no.. the scooter people. Oh man.. they drive me nuts. And they always shadow you, so you can't ever get what you want easily.

Obviously, shopping has turned into a timed race, and anyone or anything that gets in YOUR way, while YOU shop is an infringement upon your Constitutional Rights. See, all these other people are simply IN YOUR WAY. Who told them they could shop, or write a check, while YOU are shopping?

I was shopping, and encountered a gaggle of isle blockers. You know what? When I asked them (nicely) if I could get by, they very apologetically moved. I know you are amazed. How could that possibly work? But, it did. I swear.

The lines were very slow, and it was a bit tiresome, but the cause was not those confounded check-writers (BLAST THEM) but simply that people were buying a fricken TON of stuff. Yet, I think I had one of Rachel Lucus's readers behind me. My father was one of those scooter people (why can't he just hop along on his one leg? Or, better yet stay home?), and the cashier directed him to the end of the checkout, making it impossible for him to enter his PIN. PTL, he was at least paying by debit, and he didn't get branded as both a SCOOTER PERSON and a 1985-LIVING CHECK WRITER. I turned and entered his PIN for him (Costco puts the customer lines next to each other, so I didn't have to go anywhere to do this, just turn around) while the person ahead of me was still loading his cart to go. My items were loaded, and ready, but I was turned when the cashier needed my Costco card.

"Where is she," the Cashier asked.

"She LEFT," the obviously irritated guy behind me said.

Ok, so perhaps I'm over-reacting, but this pissed me RIGHT off. Look, it's not my fault this line is slow. The guy two people ahead of me bought enough stuff to fill a box truck. I'm sure the FIVE SECOND DELAY in my handing over my card, WHILE THE PERSON AHEAD OF ME still had his stuff on the checkout isn't gonna cost you too much of your all important PRECIOUS TIME.

Cripes. Life isn't ALL ABOUT YOU.

Honestly, I think people who can't stand normal human interaction without becoming an asshole should just stay home.

I hear Meijers is open all night. I'm sure the midnight shopping time-slot might suit you better. Or the internets. You can get a lot of stuff by the internets. And (bonus!), they usually don't take checks.