Monday, July 23, 2007

Racism, alive and well

I grew up in Detroit. So, I know how this goes.

For about a year, we've actually had kids on our block for my youngest three to play with. Two girls moved in a few doors down last summer, and then over the winter a couplamore kids arrived across the street.

They all hang out, and everything is peachy keen. Except, when it comes to going that extra step. Beyond hanging out on my front lawn, or my kids sharing their ice cream treats with them. The other girls just left to go skating, and my kids weren't invited. You should see their sad faces as the girls just left.

Of course, everyone else is black.

If you think that the color of our skin didn't have about 85% responsibility as to why my girls weren't invited- and that black racism isn't alive and well 40 years (to the day) after the Detroit race riots- then you're probably a liberal.