Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Reviewing the movie watchers

I saw King Kong over the weekend. It's not for the squeamish- and I pulled my coat over my head during several scenes, for extended amounts of time. But, it was a thrilling ride, with more than a few fantastic scenarios. In one such scene, the characters were running underneath the legs of stampeding dinosaurs. Now, were this to happen in real life, I doubt anyone would survive. It surely would end in disaster for all involved. And grabbing onto a giant bat to escape King Kong also seems like an event that - in real life- wouldn't turn out so well.

But, to actually COMPLAIN during a movie that such scenes are unbelievable- a movie ABOUT a ginourmous ape? Well, that's just silly. Yet, complain they did (and they were right behind me.) I guess they could "go with" the idea that there is an island out there filled with dinosaurs and a giant ape, but the daredevil stunts just pushed things too far. Everyone has their limits, I guess.