Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Public service announcement

I'll be offline for a few days. In my never ending-quest to lose weight, I've decided to have one of my kidneys removed. Granted, it is only going to result in a net loss of a few ounces, but I'm thinking that every little bit will add up. Not wanting the kidney to go to waste, my father has graciously offered to have the kidney attached to his body. Apparently, he can use it (how's that for lucky coincidences?) And it will free up some time for him since he will no longer have to spend 12 hours a week on dialysis. I'm supposed to arrive at the hospital at the beastly hour of 5:45 on Wednesday- so after this evening I won't be posting (or trolling anyone else's blog) until I get home. My brother has (been) volunteered to post in my absence.