Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Just got off the phone with Carin's husband who reported that she is fine. The surgery ended up being more complicated than had been anticipated but she is fine, her Father is fine, the kidney is working and that's all that matters.

Let's pause to thank God for keeping them safe and for giving us all the gift of having this truly amazing woman in our lives.

Now for the details...

They did the laproscopic procedure as planned but somehow in the process her aorta was torn and an additional incision was required to repair it. That turned a 2-4 hour procedure into a 6.5 hour procedure and her potential 3" scar into an 8" one. She'll also likely be in the hospital now until Tuesday.

I sent her husband on a mission to get her US magazine. I know, I know...but as smart as she is it's really all she can handle right now.