Friday, January 27, 2006

Spoke to Carin!

I figured that she might be feeling somewhat conscious today so I gave her a call right after I woke up this morning at 5 am. Took her FOREVER to get to the phone. Strange how she's still so groggy....

Of course I'm kidding you. I figured she might be up at lunch and would have her cellphone near if she was interested in calls.

Indeed she is beginning to feel bit better, certainly more awake, but I could tell that she's somewhat uncomfortable. Weird drug effects, she says. She has been up though for a shower and is able to take a turn about the room. She hasn't yet been to see her Dad as it would be a considerably longer walk and she wants to be more "put together" when he sees her. How nice, not wanting to trouble her Dad with the vision of her discomfort.

Reading, yes, even US magazine or the National Enquirer, has been out of the question though she admits they'd be the perfect thing at this point. She has about a two minute attention span with napping breaking out without warning.

Her doctor is guessing she'll be released Sunday or Monday and I would advise her husband to acquire for her a nice riding crop or some other long, light & threatening stick before her homecoming. ...just a little something to warn off a charging child or dog. You'd think kids wouldn't forget that their parent has an injury when said parent is now incapacitated in the La-Z-Boy but they do. Best to raise a warning crop or yardstick before suffering serious trauma. Keep the buggers at bay!

The flower, by the way, is the kidney flower.