Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A question

Jonah Goldberg in NRO:

A coup by sophisticated and serious members of the military would be great news. Even better would be a popular uprising. And best of all would be a combination of the two. An Iran with an old-style military dictatorship charged with defending democratic institutions would be an enormous, epochal victory for the West and for the Middle East. That would go a long way toward guaranteeing success in Iraq and would neutralize the threat of the Iran's nuclear ambitions, even if they decided to pursue a bomb. After all, the argument about nuclear weapons is no different than the argument about guns. The threat is from the people who have them, not from the weapons themselves. Lots of countries have nukes; we only need to worry about the ones run by whack jobs.

Alas, while there's reason to believe the White House shares this view in theory, there's less reason to believe it's doing that much about it in practice.

Well, let's say that the White House was doing something about it. Could (or should) they tell us about it? The last time we helped out a a dissident force within a country, some people were were outraged about it (not me.) Kinda ironic, don't you think, that it involved Oliver North selling weapons to Iran. Oh, different times.

Regardless, we should be doing whatever we can to support those opposed to the Iranian government, and do whatever it takes to topple Ahmadinejad and his mad mullahs. And, we shouldn't talk about it.