Monday, January 30, 2006

Carin called...

...and it looks like she'll be home today so I'm grabbing this opportunity to post a picture of my marvelous dog, Nick. This is him in Wisconsin's Kickapoo River. Four hours of canoeing and the boy swam and waded the whole way. Whatta dog! You just can't beat a Border Collie. ...well, you can but they're so quick they easily get away so what's the point?

So anyway....

She sounds much like her old self but tries to keep the laughing to a minimum as it hurts. We were remarking over the apparent success of this unusual weight loss strategy. They didn't feed her solids until this morning and so in addition to the lost kidney weight, there's no telling how much she wasted away. She couldn't put away any more than one pathetic pancake for breakfast. Well done, Carin!

So this is it for me. As Carin prepares to resume control of her blog, I am gearing up to depart for Fort Myers Beach tomorrow. Thanks for having me.

By the way....I hear Sven is planning something special for his last post too.