Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stupidest dog award

Not to piss anyone off with this, but chihuahuas have to be the stupidest dogs ever. And, I've had stupid dogs in the past, so I'm not speaking from an ugly place. You can love your stupid dog, but you should know it's limitations. It's weaknesses. Knowledge is power.

I do not currently own a stupid dog, chihuahua or otherwise. I have a queen of a dog- a white German Shepherd named Greta. In addition to being beautiful, loyal, and smart, she is also protective and very (very) strong. And, to focus my argument, her jaws, and therefor her BITE, is forceful. A thing to be avoided, especially if you were -say- a tiny little dog.

Now, imagine, if you will, you took this white shepherd on a walk though your neighborhood, properly leashed. It's dark (or light, whatever, it doesn't matter), and you've got your iPod on, and you're just generally enjoying life. Suddenly, you look up, and there is this rat heading STRAIGHT for your properly leashed dog. Except, the rat is barking! It's not a rat, it's a stupid little dog, UNLEASHED, trying to attack. Greta, of course, is always prepared to go a few rounds. But, this battle wouldn't make it one round. It would make it about two seconds, at which point I'd probably hear a hideous crunch. The only course of action, is to desperately RUN from this tiny dog, because if it gets w/in leash length, it's over. And, this (really) stupid dog is determined to get within range.

Needless to say, that dog didn't die that fateful day. Nor the other time the same (stupid) dog ran ACROSS the street to try to start something. The owner was at least outside that time, yet for some reason didn't seem to think the incident was the fault of his stupid dog.

So, here is my note to stupid dog owners: If , some day, your STUPID DOG finally does manage to get with-in leash length of my dog (by chasing us, barking and in attack mode) it will be TOTALLY YOUR FAULT. Your dog will be dead, and I don't want to hear boo about it.