Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Ten Most Hated End of the Year LIsts (tm)

I had those lists that are compiled at the end of every year. 1999 was a special kind of hell for me, when the lists went on to cover not just the previous 12 months, but the last 100 years. I had to avoid newspapers, magazine, and tv news shows for about two months.

Anyway, here are my ten MOST hated categories:

10. Top ten movies of they year.

9. Top ten albums of the year.

8. Top ten novels of the year.

7. Top ten food trends of the years.

6, Top ten HOTTEST actresses of the year.

5. Top ten Hottest Actors of the year.

4. Top ten most annoying people of the year.

3. Top ten rising "stars".

2. Top ten new fashions.

1. Top ten new TRENDS.

You know, if I cared about any of the above mentioned lists, I would subscribe to People magazine. But, I think the end-of-the-year ritual I loath the most are the What's Hot/What's Not lists.

So, if you have a list, or a hot/not trend- do me a favor and just shove it up your arse.