Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Steal this story

Well, what I really mean is that I totally stole this story from Gail, who borrowed it from No Pasaran:

For anybody genuinely worried about climate change, Montreal is bleak. First, many countries which take the 'moral high ground' in public are quietly the very worst offenders. Hypocritical Canada (Paul Martin was unbelievable in his attack on the US) has seen its emissions rise by 24% (on the Kyoto-base 1990-levels); Japan, which gave the name to the original Kyoto Protocol, by 18%; and the statistics for some of the ever-pious European countries take the breath away - Spain up by 42%, Portugal up by 37%, and merry Ireland and Greece up by 26%. In contrast, the US - the non-ratifier of Kyoto, note - has seen its emissions rise by only 13% (and they have fallen 2% under Bush!). So who is the bad boy?

Wait a MINUTE. How much has George Bush (and the US) been beaten up the last few years over the crappy Kyoto agreement that he refused to sign (although, really - Clinton was the one who originally refused to sign, because even he knew it was a bad deal - but he made last minute overtures on his way out of office just to make him look good, knowing that Bush would refuse it.) How much traction have liberals and moonbats (and Europeans) gotten in their Bush Bash party because the big meanies in America wouldn't play with their enviro-fantasy? PLENTY.

And, lookie lookie at the REAL WORLD. Hey CANADA - clean up your act. Emissions in the Great White North upby 24%? What the hell are you doing up there? It's bad enough that Toronto sends it's garbage (and toxic waste) to Michigan, but now I'm gonna have to start watching what floats across the air over Lake St. Claire.

The best part, of course, is that emissions have fallen by 2% under Bush. ENVIRO PRESIDENT BUSH!!