Friday, December 16, 2005

Root causes of "race riots"

Leo has been taking me to task in comments regarding the "race riots" in Australia. So, I pose this question; what are the causes of the race riots in Australia. Or, race riots elsewhere? On the surface, the Australian riots began (so it says) in retaliation for the brutal beating of two white lifeguards on Cronulla Beach. The newspapers state that "white supremacists" retaliated in a mob of 5,000, attacking any youth with a middle eastern appearance. This lead to counter-attacks by Lebanese in several Sydney suburbs.

On the surface, it appears that Aussie's are a racist lot. And, then I come across this and wonder:

I read your garbled and fraudulent accounts of the race riots in Australia.  The riots were not unprovoked "drunk... White... neo-Nazis" riots against innocent Muslims as you claim.

After years of escalating racial violence by Lebanese gangs, including rapes gangs, Australians are finally standing up to Muslim racial supremacists. Lebanese and other Muslims use rape gangs and gang sieges/home invasions of Australian families in order to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods. In a country where all Australians have been disarmed and are not allowed to have guns or large knives, Muslim gangs openly parade arsenals of weapons as the police, afraid of losing their jobs if they show "racism", refuse to protect defenseless Australians.

In a country that has been completely disarmed by gun control, Muslims are heavily armed and many Muslims (including Muslim profesors at the best Australian universities) openly call for the extermination of the Australian "Whites".

The letter does have a hints that perhaps this guy is some sort of white supremacist. I found similar words on a white supremist site, but when I googled the author's name I didn't find a connection. But, there might be one. That doesn't mean there is no truth to what he says.

Now, I don't much about the actual situation in Australia, other than what I've read, but I do know a bit about race riots a bit closer to me; the recent riots in Toledo, Ohio.

The headline read "White Supremacists Riot in Toledo, Ohio", here on ACB News. But that is not what happened; the violence and mayhem was perpetrated by BLACKS protesting the Supremacist's presence. Totally forgotten and never discussed was the reason that the Aryans were there in the first place. They didn't just show up at random. The area of Toledo has been plagued with (black) gang violence and home invasions. Misguided residents were responsible for inviting the protesters (pretty dumb move, which was my opinion at the time.) But totally forgotten was the root cause of the whole kerfuffle. Gang violence (in this case black), and those fed up with it.

Is this what lead to the riots in Australia? Not sure. But, like in the Toledo case, I'm sure we'll never hear about this from the media. "White Supremacists Riot in X" makes a much more PC headline than "Locals Fed Up with race-based gang Violence."