Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas with Code Pink

Code Pink has a wonderful Holiday planned for us. Let us begin with a Holiday Carol

War to the World (To the tune "Joy to the World")
War to the world! Don Rumsfeld
declares;Let's go to war for oil!
Arms dealers and oil companies
Will make our foreign policies
And we'll be safe and free!
And we'll be safe and free!
And women and children will all be safe
and free!
We rule the world! With bombs and
So let the war hawks sing!
We'll target all the hospitals
And mosques and pesky journalists
And lie on CNN
And lie on CNN
And NBC and ABC and C-N-N!
War to the world! The empire reigns;
You're with us or against!!
We're good and you are ee-vil
We're good and you are ee-vil
So we'll blow you away
So we'll blow you away
So Merry Christmas, and have a nice

Visit the Code Pink site for many more Holiday Hits, like "We Three Thugs A Tribunal Are", and "The First Bombs Fell." I can feel the spirit spreading.

But, the joy doesn't end there! If you've already finished your shopping, and have a little time for protest, give this a try:

Get a bunch of friends to go with you to each buy a war toy, and then go back to the store later to return them. Create long complaint lines, showing other customers (and hopefully you’ve called the media) why war toys are bad. Talk directly to store owners and managers and ask them to stop selling war toys. Tell them you and your friends are considering no longer shopping at the store if war toys continue to be sold. Make buttons that say, “Say No to War Toys” or “War is Not a Game” and offer them to the employees.

Doesn't that sound like FUN! You can download and make stickers to deface the offensive merchandise; "WARNING: War Toys are not healthy for children", "Surgeon General's Warning: Violent Toys=Violent Boys." Humn, well, I hope they have a lot of those stickers, because my boys have made guns out of leggos, brooms, and wooden blocks.

I thought this suggestions was especially inspired:

Ask your child’s teachers to talk about the negative impact of war toys and start a campaign to ban war toys on the school playground. Suggest a toy exchange for the school, where children turn in their war toys and get some cool, peaceful toy like a hot pink Frisbee. Make it a class project and involve the children in setting it up.

What kid doesn't want a hot pink Frisbee? Yea, that's definitely a winner.

Christmas at Code Pink; yet another opportunity for misguided social activism. Don't they have enough to do with their weekly Walter Reed vigils? And, I'm searching the "Holiday" songs list, and I don't see ONE based on a Kwanza tune. SHAME ON YOU, Code Pink! I'm gonna sick the ACLU on them.