Thursday, December 01, 2005


You might have heard of attorney
Geoffrey Fieger, or seen him on Foxnews doing legal analysis. But, I'm sure you don't feel the same amusement that I do with this story:

Federal agents raided the law office of Geoffrey Fieger late Wednesday looking for evidence that he laundered $35,000 in campaign contributions to the John Edwards 2004 presidential campaign through his employees.

Fieger is one of those lawyers that sues the big guy, to the extreme financial advantage of the little guy (and his own practice of course - Fieger has SEVERAL very large homes in the bestest communities.) He is a bloodsucker of the worst kind; one who wraps himself in the cloak of Robin Hood. He files 100 million dollar lawsuits against police stations in which a man fleeing was ... shot. 100 Million. Perhaps the family (who filed the suit) should have taught their son not to flee the police, especially after being pulled over, and trying to run OVER a policeman.) 100 Million.

But, my disdain goes further, since in addition to being the type of lawyer that he is, he is also a democrat. So, what excuse does Fieger give for this raid?

“Yeah, right, I want to hear it from them.” Fieger said this morning, charging he’s the victim of Republican conspiracy. “I’m tired of all of this McCarthyism – period.”

Snicker. "Republican conspiracy." I wonder if he said that with a straight face.

Little known fact - Geoffrey is the brother to Doug Fieger lead singer of The Knack.