Tuesday, September 20, 2005


5 songs I know all the words to

Jeremy, Pearl Jam
Black, Pearl Jam
American Idiot, Greenday (JOKING)
This Night has opened my eyes, The Smiths
Pale Shelter, Tears for Fears

5 Snacks

Pretzels w/ hummous
handful of cereal
slice of summer sausage
home made cookie

5 things I'd do with a $100 million

Pay off debt
Donate a bunch

5 Places I'd run away to

UP of Michigan
Any Mountainous region (in North America)
Banff (always wanted to go there)

5 things I'd never wear

Che Geuvara shirt
hemp clothing
anything Orange
A fedora

5 favorite tv shows

Battlestar Gallatica
(sorry, only 3)

5 greatest joys

beautiful weather
immediate family (including my dog)
A good run
My garden/ gardening in general
getting everything done in time (which rarely happens)

5 favorite toys

My iMac
My iPod
My camera
My pop-up campter
My new printer - I'm such a geek- but it really helps with our home schooling.

Now... who should I tag?? Oh, heck, if you have time, tag yourself. I don't want to bug ya if you're too busy.