Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cindy gets spanked on Kos

Now that they are chastising her EVEN on Kos (in the comments), can we officially move Cindy to the moonbat category w/o further debate?

From commenter "hibsnet" in reply to Cindy's whine (it was just a little wind and a little rain, sayeth Cindy) that the media was covering Rita instead of her anti-war fest:

Well Joan Baez sang for you today, and you got your smiling-happy picture taken with Jesse Jackson today, and your story is still front page on today. So it was a very good day. Yes it was a beautiful day for Cindy wasn't it?

Except for a little wind and a little rain earlier.

Perhaps Cindy doesn't care about the wind and rain because it didn't hit the poor and black (or radical). But, on a more positive note, I wonder if this is the sound of sanity creeping into the liberal party? We can sure hope so. I mean, it's fun and all to watch, but I'd prefer a more rational democrat base.