Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm not the only one

I'm not the only one REALLY REALLY irritated by Randi Rhodes. Take a listen to her comments:

"This President is never gonna do the right thing. I think somewhere deep down inside him he takes a lot of joy about losing people, if he thinks they vote Democrat or if he thinks they're poor, or if he thinks they're in a blue state, whatever his reasons are not to rescue those people who are (planning?) for their safety."

This is par for the course for Randi. I did a test last night - I switched between Randi Rhodes and Sean Hannity (they are on simultaneously here in Detroit.) Randi devoted her whole show (or as much as I could stomach) to blaming Bush for the tragedy. Sean Hannity focused on the tragedy and what could be done. One show focused on partisan blame, and the other on the depth of the crises and what we should and must do (give till it hurts, basically.) A similar experiment this morning yielded similar results; Bill Bennett discussed the humanistic aspect, while the "progressive talk" (the new code for Democrats) station discussed how to "stick it" to the profiteering oil companies.