Thursday, June 14, 2007

Potty Mouth Warning

Don't read, if you don't wanna heard the f-bombs fly.

Here's a picture for spoiler space .

Who the fuck do men think they are? Here's a little message to the black SUV that sped by me SCREAMING out the window: You can just FUCK OFF and die right ... now. .

The damn thing startled me (because, you know, I make the stupid assumption that I inhabit this planet with HUMAN beings and not fucking idiot mouth breathing assholes who are gonna SCREAM at me as I ride), and I almost went flying into Lake St. Clair. I swear-to-God I understand why some women (feminists, lesbians) HATE men. I mean, LOATH them. Many of you deserve it.

I am SO FUCKING SORRY I wasn't there to offer proper eye-candy for the pigs in that car. Where the fuck do men get off acting like that in public? What is wrong with you? Honestly, I want an answer.

So what, but I'm not one of those uber-cool bike riders. I don't have cute pants, or a logo shirt pretending that I "race." I even wore my crocks. I was sweaty, and with my glasses and helmet, I probably looked pretty dorky. I was on a 12-mile bike ride, not strutting along the runway. So, I suppose THAT was why the guy yelled at me. Because, you know, what right do I have to ride my bike RIGHT THERE OUT IN THE OPEN???