Friday, June 01, 2007

Diet Update

By popular request ;)

Ok, yes. Still going strong. Yesterday I weighed in at ... yikes, am I really going to put this online? Sigh. Ok 143. Down about 8 pounds. I started, roughly, about 10 days ago. Last weekend I slacked a bit, but this week I've been pretty good. Yesterday I ate dinner instead of the veggie soup (and I had a few pretzels while doing the mommy-sport drive routine.) My goal is 130. Honestly, I do start looking a bit too thin around there, but we'll reevaluate when I get to that problem.

My issue, though, is that I still haven't gotten some of the diet food-stuff I need (ordered), so I've been winging it. I can do it, but it certainly would make my life a bit easier if it would arrive.