Friday, June 08, 2007

I can hardly wait ...

Until I get my next call from Miami University for funds. I have a response perfectly formed in my head. I would have been happy to send you money, but there is this little dealo about a lack of diversity on campus, and I'm sorry but until the University takes intellectual diversity seriously, I am unable to support my Alma Mater.

How does that sound?

What set me off? Well, it appears Miami was looking for a new history professor. Mark Moyers, summa cum laude at Harvard, Ph.D at Cambrige, speaker of two languages (French and German), writer of THREE book sent over his resume. He wasn't even granted an interview, although four of those who were interviewed had lesser credentials. Why wasn't he granted an interview? Perhaps it had something to do with the title of one of his books: "Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1964-1965." Something tells me Moyer's book isn't another polemic about the "quagmire of 'Nam."

I attended Miami from 1986-92 (I went to Grad school), and I can safely say I never had a conservative professor. My husband claims to have met a few in the B school and history department. No wonder our colleges are turning out an ever-increasing, liberal-educated class, kids can go four years without once being hit with a moderate to conservative idea. Despite this, the president claims that Miami supports "diversity of ideas on campus." I suppose diversity, to a Miami professor, is represented by those who support Hillary, and those who support Obama.

Moyar's research found that among Miami history faculty who declared party affiliation, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 15 to one. My own check of Butler County voter registration shows 13 Democrats and three Republicans in the history departmen

See, my joke isn't that far off.

h/t: Ace