Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kelly tagged me yesterday

So I'm trying to think of 7 interesting things about me. I'm gonna assume we need things I've never mentioned before. Cripes. Ok, lemme think.

1. My superior musical taste is mocked by my family.
2. I was a varsity cheerleader in high school. For one year. Basically, they recruited me because I could do flips and whatnot. I could only stand one season, because they fought like you wouldn't believe. Or, perhaps you can. But, it was cool cheering for the games; much more fun that I thought it would be. And, I LOVED basketball season, because I usually had to wear the uniform twice a week and thus didn't have to come up with other outfits.

Man, only two down? I may resort to describing my freckles.

3. I once tried out for the touring company of "Annie." It was humiliating. Let's leave it at that.
4. I started drinking coffee when I was young. I can't remember, but I wanna guess I was about nine or ten. It was that instant crap, and I liberally added milk and sugar. Thus my addiction began.
5. I was a Liberal in college. I know, who wasn't? But, I wore patchouli and everything.
6. Oh, back to high school; I ran varsity track for four years, and was Captain my senior year. Actually, I was the captain of the gymnastic team as well. I was a hurdler.
7. My very first boyfriend was named Paul. We started dating when we were freshman in high school. It took at least six months of dating before we had our first kiss. When he tried something a bit more daring during our second year of dating, I cried. That put an end to that.

Am I done? YES! Phew.

**Extra credit** My current music crush, thanks to Michele:

Dear Michele,

My husband and kids all dislike Queens of the Stone Age and complain that I play it too loud. Is there any point listening the QOTSA at a lower decibel? I'm thinking no, it has to be played at eleven. What do you think?

Thanks in advance,