Monday, June 04, 2007

DWB- The Truth Revealed

Saturday night, the husband and I got pulled over by the pigs in Grosse Pointe for driving while black. Anyone can tell you that if you are black, and take a drive through Grosse Pointe, you will get pulled over for absolutely no legal reason what so ever. Simply because of the color of your skin. Or so the story goes.

In Detroit, you can speed, go through red lights, fail to come to a complete stop at a sign ... heck, you can even get into a car accident and the police will not bother to show up. If you hit another car, you need to drive to a precinct to fill out an accident report. Remember to sober up first!

But- and this is the important part - in Grosse Pointe those superfluous, inconsequential, silly, traffic laws are actually taken seriously. It doesn't matter if you black or white, you will get pulled over for something as minor as a broken headlight. Bank on it.

And, that is what happened to us Saturday night. Of course, we didn't cuffed and taken to the big house, because we didn't have any outstanding warrants for our arrest. Good thing.