Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Screwed, part 1,000,000

About that EPA ruling ....

Mark Tapscott:

Among the first effects of EPA enforcement of its "endangerment" ruling granting itself authorit to regulate greenhouse gases will be forcing the owners of six million buildings to get new permits certifying that they comply with mandated CO2 emissions reductions.
The Institute for Energy Research (IER) estimates the cost of obtaining those permits will average about $125,000 each, but the ultimate costs will quite likely be far higher, once the toll from lost jobs, lost productivity and lost opportunities is calculated.

Of course, they won't have to do this if Congress approves Waxman's cap-and-trade legislation.

Which will kills jobs as well.

This is a feature, not a bug, of our green future.

This naked assertion of vast executive power in the name of the environment is the perfect fulfillment of the prediction of Czech president (and economist) Vaclav Klaus that environmentalism is becoming the new socialism, i.e., the totemic ideal in the name of which government seizes the commanding heights of the economy and society.

Socialism having failed so spectacularly, the Left was adrift until it struck upon a brilliant gambit: metamorphosis from red to green. The cultural elites went straight from the memorial service for socialism to the altar of the environment. The objective is the same: highly centralized power given to the best and the brightest, the new class of experts, managers, and technocrats. This time, however, the alleged justification is not abolishing oppression and inequality, but saving the planet.

See Critical Theory.