Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Climate round up

Al Gore. Idiot or liar? You decide. I'm going with liar, myself.

So, what's up with Copenchange? Reading through their working draft ... here's a funny bit:

[It also][takes][taking] into account environmental, evolving national circumstances, including social and economic [and politica] conditions [, the specific needs and special circumstances of developing countries, precautionary approaches, the right to development and sustainable economic growth][and other relevant factors]]][as reflected in the Convention], and ensuring that global crises, such as the financial crisis, should not constitute an obstacle to the provision of financial and technical assistance to developing countries in accordance with the Convention.

Shorter: I don't care if your economy is busted, you're still gonna be shaken-down for cash.

Here's another:

[[All]][[Developed country]Parties], [in accordance with national capabilities, and other developed Parties included in Annex II of the Convention][Tje developed Parties that have commitments under the Convention and other developed Parties in a position to transfer environmentally sound technologies][shall][should][take efforts to] strengthen their national technology research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programmes [and provide appropriate support][with the aim of a substantial increase in private and public energy=related RD&D compared to current levels, working towards at least a doubling of global energy-related RD&D by 2012 and increasing it to four times its current level by 2020, with a significant shfit in emphasis towards safe and sustainable low greenhouse gas emitting technologies, especially renewable energy][towards][[to developing country Parties] through], inter alia;:]

(bunch of boring stuff I'm skipping - but then it gets good again)

Technology development, diffusion and transfer [shall] be promoted by operating the intellectual property regime.

What does this mean? An "intellectual property regime"? They're not sure how this will work, but a few of the options:

Specific and urgent measures [shall] [should] be [instituted in [a] relevant forum[s] [established] [and mechanisms developed] to remove barriers to development and transfer of technologies from [developed][the developed Parties that have commitments under the Convention and the other developed Parties in a position to transfer environmentally sound technologies] to developing country Parties arising from the intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, [including] [in particular}:
(a) {all necessary steps shall be immediately taken in all relevant fora to [mandatorily exclude from patenting] [revoke all existing patents on essential/urgent][implement compulsory licensing for] [specific][climate-friendlyl][environmentally safe and sound] technologies [in developing countries][held by Annex II Parties which can be used to adapt to or mitigate clmiate change][, including those developed through funding by governments or international agencies];]