Thursday, December 17, 2009

Overlords break Senate rules, media fails to notice

I know, you're shocked.

When an amendment is introduced, it has to be read on the Senate floor unless the rest of the Senate agrees to cut off the reading, and typically, the requirement is waived through "unanimous consent." Yet today, Sen. Tom Coburn insisted that Sanders' 767 page bill be read on the Senate floor, which was on pace to take more than 12 hours.
But about three hours into the reading, Sanders withdrew his amendment, and this stopped the reading of the bill -- even without unanimous consent.

See Riddick Senate Procedure.

Of course, the media was shocked, SHOCKED, that Coburn demanded a reading of the amendment. One toady complained that it didn't seem fair to the clerk who had to do the reading.

Kill the bill. For Howard Dean.

But Mr. B+ really wants his pretty pony for the State of the Union next month, which would bring his grade up to an A, so fuck everyone in the country!

The bill doesn't cover everyone, it will raise taxes (on those making under $200,000, it will NOT control costs, and it will RATION CARE.

Link? I'm too lazy. Go to national review. It's all there.